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Who We Are

L Dairy is bringing artisanal, locally hand-made, European-quality dairy products to your table!  Malaysia eats a lot of cheese (it ranks as the #8 market for global dairy exporters)!  This demand has traditionally been met by imported goods, particularly for the higher-end dairy products but as Malaysia has a growing domestic dairy industry and tens of thousands of buffalos – why import what we can produce locally? 

In 2020, L Dairy began making our delicious cheeses and other dairy products in Selangor, from locally sourced buffalo milk, using no additives or preservatives as might be found in some imported products.  Our partners at Laos Buffalo Dairy in Luang Prabang pioneered a socially impactful kampung dairy farming and dairy product production model beginning in 2015 and L Dairy is adapting their concept – and their delicious buffalo milk product recipes!  All of L Dairy’s Legen Dairy products are made by hand in our professional kitchen, using well established recipes and artisanal methods – adapted to our local Malaysian marketplace.

In parallel to creating and marketing our Artisanal Dairy Products, L Dairy is also pursuing the development of a holistic, kampung based buffalo dairy farming model to more closely control the quality of our primary raw material - buffalo milk!  This socially impactful model will help to develop farmer businesses, provide kampung-level economic development, offer skill training and educational opportunities, and create jobs for local workers.   L Dairy will also help local livestock herds with improved animal nutrition and welfare, husbandry programs, and farmer training.  The team at Laos Buffalo Dairy have already implemented all of these programs in their community and on their farm in Luang Prabang, Lao PDR and are helping L Dairy develop the concepts in Malaysia!

Who We Are: Mission
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